Welcome to Rhode Island Republicans

Welcome to Rhode Island Republicans

By mark - Posted on 07 October 2011

Welcome to RI Republicans.com,


This site is for the Rhode Island Republican Party to utilize to get all the disparate pieces of information about Republicans, Fiscally Conservative Organizations, Elected Politicians, Potential Candidates and Local Media Outlets all organized through one website. This site is privately owned and operated to promote and create support for Rhode Island Republicans.


The site is designed to be functional and easy to use. No flashing lights or pop-ups. No sharing of e-mails or selling them to a third party. We may place some advertising for local businesses later on to direct candidates for office a place to get signs and palm cards (and to pay the bills). This site is for voters to find out who their elected Republican State Representatives and Senators are and what Districts they represent. Mayors, town administrators, town managers, other local officials and city and town councilors will soon be added with their information.


This site will provide Links to other organizations and non-partisan groups:

  • Republican National Committee
  • RI State GOP
  • Rhode Island Republican Assembly
  • Rhode Island Immigration and Law Enforcement
  • Rhode Island Statewide Coalition
  • Operation Clean Government
  • Rhode Island Tea Party
  • Common Cause


We provide a Candidate Page for Special Elections. We will promote all Republican candidates and their events as they run for public office.


This is your page. It works by giving us information about what you as Republicans are doing in your cities and towns. It works best when you spread the information out to get more and more exposure. The more people that know about it the better off you will do in getting elected and staying elected by promoting the ideals of the Republican Party in Rhode Island.


Thank you for visiting,

Mark Dosdourian

Site Administrator